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Biodiversity or biological diversity refers to all varieties of life forms; from micro-organisms and genetic material, up to plants and animals and the ecosystems they form and inhabit. To maintain a balance throughout an ecosystem, it is essential that diversity in all the above categories be maintained. This diversity is not static, and increases when a new species is created and decreases when a species is lost through extinction. Biodiversity is the interrelation therefore between the living world and the processes that go on there.

Biodiversity conservation is important from two points of view: that which concerns its use benefits, such as the potential for agriculture, forestry medicinal supplies, and tourism, and also from a perspective which has no economic use, or non-use benefits. Non-use benefits would include the cultural and aesthetic aspects of a place and also the idea of a right to enjoy a place just because you can.

Biodiversity can be lost through hunting, loss of habitat and as a side effect of land use and potentially as a result of climate change.

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